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Here's some of what we do.  If there's anything you can't see here that you hope we might help you with, please do contact us.  We're always happy to discuss new ideas.


An electronic control system is a sophisticated, customised nerve centre for your home or commercial building. It can orchestrate all your electronic subsystems from single points of control, using simple keypads, dedicated touchscreen panels, tablet apps or remote handsets. It means that you, your family and your staff can all use your building to its full potential, from anywhere on-site or remotely via the Internet.


Single Rooms

Reclaim your coffee table. Put the arsenal of remote controls away in a drawer and instead turn everything on at the touch of a single button. We can make your TV cabinet and its nest of cable spaghetti look like a work of art, and give you one simple remote to control TV, cable or satellite, DVD, music and volume.

If you want to you can use your tablet or smartphone as well, with an intuitive app that’s customised by us for your living room.


Whole-House Integration

For the truly integrated digital lifestyle, we can use our highly-customisable control systems to work with almost any electronic system in your home; be it the AV system, the lights, the heating / air conditioning, the security system, the garage doors, or even the irrigation system in your garden. You can control your house from anywhere with your smartphone. Anything is possible.


Lighting Control

Whether you want it for convenience, mood, security, or just to show your home at its best, a lighting control system will turn an ordinary house into an extraordinary house. We can do single-room or whole-house, full re-wire or retro-fit; and even quick wireless-based solutions.


Custom Programming

We have extensive knowledge of Crestron, RTI and Savant systems and offer our bespoke programming services to end users and other installers.

Audio Video

Get your music and your favourite TV and movies wherever you want them and tidier than you’ve ever done before.  We specialise in media rooms, home cinema and versatile home audio.  We make your AV systems look and sound amazing.


Media Rooms

Do something special with your media room with a fully immersive home theatre experience with awesome surround sound, or maybe a projector with a huge screen. You can have a dedicated viewing room with a fixed screen and seating, or transform your sitting room at the touch of a button with a drop-down projection screen or TVs that hide in your furniture with motorised lifts and brackets.

And we can do simple stuff, too.  So whether it's a simple free-to-air TV mounted above the kitchen bench or a grand dedicated home cinema, we can help you get the most out of your television.


Multi-Room Audio & Video

Play any music in any room. You can stream from your phone to discreet loudspeakers in your bathroom, play your podcasts whilst preparing dinner, or archive your entire CD collection at high quality to play anywhere else in your house at the touch of a button, or via your tablet or smartphone.

There is a loudspeaker solution for every room and every design choice. You can have discreet ceiling speakers, compact bookshelf speakers or something more imposing. We can even make them invisible by setting them in the ceilings or walls underneath the paintwork or wallpaper.

With whole-house centralised distribution of video we can keep all your cable and satellite boxes, DVD players and other video sources in a dedicated AV cupboard out of sight and distribute them to all your TVs in full high definition.





Living Room Recovery

Let us confront the shambles that is your TV cabinet on your behalf. In most homes it’s been years since the intimidating stack of dusty black boxes and cables in the corner of their living room was last tamed.

When it’s time for a spring clean or an upgrade, we can suggest improvements you’d like, strip everything out and clean it, organise it and put it all back properly; omitting the things you don’t need, making the most of the things you keep and adding the things you want.

Design · Consultation · Specification · CAD

To be sure of a smooth-running project, there’s no substitute for careful planning. With our extensive experience of residential and commercial projects of all sizes on both sides of the globe, and by paying attention to emerging trends and technologies, we offer a comprehensive consultation and design service.

As part of your design team, we can help you develop ideas and design sensible solutions.  We’ll listen to your brief, discuss what’s possible and explain things clearly, helping you to plan and budget for a useful, useable system. You and your build team can be sure that you’re planning for the future with the right wiring and hardware and conforming to the best international standards.  We then prepare thorough documentation with written specifications and clear illustration using CAD (computer aided design) for you and your build team.

We are pleased to consult on projects in Australia and overseas.

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IT Support

Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches… these things are central to so much of our life nowadays but it’s hard to keep up with what to do and how best to do it. And, when they go wrong, it can be a disaster.

We can help you stay productive and secure; we can show you how to do things, help you understand the digital world we live in and help you recover when things go a bit wonky.


For Businesses

Bluetone has a growing client base of small businesses in Sydney and far beyond, all of whom value us as a trusted and experienced IT Support partner. Because we strive to understand each client’s unique requirements, concerns, existing systems and workflow from day one, we can deliver simple, cost-effective, bespoke solutions backed up by tailored support.

By combining in-person with telephone or remote desktop support where preferred, and always with our personable ‘real-human-being’ style of dialogue, we take the fear and the tedium out of IT problems so you and your staff can get on with running your business.

We can help you make the most of the equipment you already have. Or, we can help your business to grow securely with realistic budgets if you’re moving premises or buying new equipment, or flirting with new systems such as VoIP or cloud syncing.

For Homes


More and more things in your life need the Internet so a properly designed and robust network is essential. If you suffer dropouts and wireless black spots, then chances are the wireless router you got from your Internet provider is struggling to keep up.  We can help keep you sane with proper network and wireless platforms that will cope with today’s demanding devices (not to mention demanding families!)


A healthy network will let you unleash your digital content - music, photos and home videos - so you can see it on your TVs and hear it anywhere in your home.


Go forth without fear. Harness the potential of the cloud and understand where your data is and how to make best use of it. Rest assured that your data is safe and backed up. Properly synchronise your mail and other data across all your devices. You can even have a fully personalised email address for yourself and your family members.


Computer demons exorcised; crises attended; inner calm restored.  We can help you with any IT related issue, be it for work or play.

We finally have an experienced IT partner who understands our business; issues are fixed in a timely manner and we receive an explanation in language we understand.
— Zoe Catchlove, ContactAbility Marketing